Dr. Matt B Engel, DMD

Opening Hours : Tues - Fri: 8am - 5pm
  Contact : (541) 317-9381

Dr. Matt’s philosophy of dentistry is to look at his patients as one whole working system.   If you come into the office with a broken tooth he’s going to find out why your breaking teeth.  Is it that your teeth are out of alignment ?  Are you grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw at night ?   Dr. Matt gets to know his patients lifestyle, hygiene habits, special needs, life stresses and then creates a treatment plan to encompass all those factors.  Dentistry has changed.  As a dentist our scope of work now has a long timeline, a big horizon.  People are living longer lives and they want to have their teeth throughout their lives.  The difference today is that we look at the persons whole mouth and how it is working collectively.  Rather than fixing that one tooth, he will fix the problem.