Dr. Matt B Engel, DMD

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We Love Our Patients!

Dr. Matt Engel has worked with patients in Bend, Oregon for over 20 years and has become the local’s choice for general dentistry and cosmetic reconstruction. We’ve shared a few of their comments with you.


The work that Dr. Matt did to change one crown on the right side of my mouth has totally eliminated the jaw pain I was having for years !  Wonderful !  – Alisa G.

Dr. Matt has a beautiful view outside his windows, its very peaceful. I also love the artwork he’s displayed in the office. – Jane B. 

Dr. Matt really helped me. I had developed anemia from inflammation surrounding a tooth that needed to be extracted. Once the tooth was extracted and an implant was finished my anemia went away. I couldn’t be happier. – Nicole H. 

I moved to Arizona, and haven’t seen Dr. Matt since 2005, but I have to tell you about a visit to my dentist here in Arizona.   My new dentist here is so impressed with my upper front crowns, he asked how old they are.  He commented on how beautiful they are and he couldn’t believe that they were done 12 years ago.  I wanted to thank Dr. Matt and his staff again for being so talented.   Thank you !    Cynthia D.   

I’ve never written a review or testimonial before.  However, I’m inspired to do so now.

If your like me, new to an area, and looking for a new doctor or dentist and loving your previous health care providers, it can be a daunting process.  Especially if you have a complicated medical history..

For me, not only did I find the perfect physician, I’ve found my dream team dental office.  I’m the kind of person that notices and observes what’s around me.  It’s an automatic response .  So, when I arrived for my first visit to Dr. Matt Engel’s office, I felt a sense of comfort. I was greeted by Linda, the front desk person, with the most welcoming smile and disposition.  I liked her right away.  She represents the feel of the whole staff.  As for Dr. Engel, he’s not only knowledgeable and extremely skillful but as kind as the talented staff he has hired!  And there’s one more thing.  The office is pleasantly decorated and centered in a place of serene beauty.  Lots of birds and trees.  I get your not looking for serene beauty but it doesn’t hurt.  If fact it helps!

Recently my husband lost a crown and went for the first time to Dr. Matt (another name Dr. Engel is known by).   He went in the morning and left a couple hours later happy with a new, perfectly fitting crown.

If your looking for a dentist you can’t go wrong, in my opinion, choosing Dr. Matt Engel!  He certainly has done a great job for me!

A pleased patient,
Jane B.  

I have to write a review and rave about my experience with Studio Nine30, Dr. Matt and his staff because for the first time in years I am pain free! Five years ago I was told that I needed to have a very costly bridge on my lower left side.   I listened to the doctor and had the procedure done.   From the moment it was done I was in pain.  I was told that this was the only option and that pain was normal from the procedure.  Instead of the pain lessening, and fading with time, it only got worse.   The bridge came loose once and I had to have it re-installed.  The doctor was less than professional and irritated if I mentioned the pain.   Years went by and I was still in pain.  I tried to treat it myself by putting aspirin directly on the site and letting it dissolve.  Finally I just gave up trying to have the bridge fixed and resigned myself to the fact that I was going to be in pain.

Fast forward to August of 2015 and now, May of 2016.  I was visiting family in Bend and was recommended to Dr. Matt.  During my visit in August 2015 I was examined and told that the bridge wasn’t fastened correctly and it was rocking front to back.  Hence the constant pain.   Dr. Matt removed the bridge that day and I had instant relief.  I can’t tell you how happy I was to have it out of my mouth.   Dr. Matt next came up with a multi-step treatment plan.   First was to let the site heal completely, which I did.  I planned another trip in May of 2016 to start on implants.   Dr. Matt had me in the chair for just an hour and he did the implant surgery without any complications.   Once the numbing medicine wore off I was still  pain free even after the surgery.   My next step is to come back in August and have the crowns made and I’ll have a brand new bridge.   I have no doubt it will go smoothly and I’ll still be pain free.  Every step of my new treatment was explained clearly and done with such care.  I really appreciated the kindness and care that he and his staff took with me.  I felt that I was listened to and understood for the very first time.

My recommendation to everyone is that if you need any dental work, whether its a complicated implant, crowns, or a simple filling that you should go see Dr. Matt Engel.   You will be pleased with his attention to detail, the friendly and talented staff and the office environment.   This was the first time I was able to relax at the dentist’s office.

Linda S.