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Fixed Crown and Bridge

hom_gal_aSometimes the best solution for restoring a tooth is a fixed crown or a bridge. If a healthy tooth has been damaged, quite often the root and supporting tissues remain intact. Our goal is to be conservative with these procedures, retaining as much of your natural dental structure as possible to support the new artificial teeth.

Retain your youthful appearance.

A crown is an artificial tooth secured to a single natural tooth that has been shaped and modified to act as a support. Sometimes a bridge is necessary when a tooth is lost or damaged beyond repair. A bridge is an artificial tooth set between two crowns which are secured as a set of three to the supporting natural teeth on either side of the one that was lost. There are many ways to build a bridge depending on the individual situation.

New crowns and bridges are carefully matched to the shade of surrounding teeth, so a whitening routine may be recommended prior to their placement.