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The health of your gums defines your overall health.

Taking care of the gums is like taking care of the foundation of your home, and good dentistry starts here at StudioNINE30.

The past decade has opened a new chapter of understanding and linking oral infection and systemic conditions. Many major incapacitating diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis have been found to be inflammatory in nature.

Artierosclerious has the same ulceration of the arterial wall as periodontal disease has to our gums and bone. Both cause destruction of connective tissue losing elasticity allowing plaque into both vessel wall and tooth sulcus. This inflammatory level can be measured by a protein called Reactive C Protein. It has been found that controlling periodontal disease can help in controlling other inflammatory diseases.

Statistics show that a man over the age of 60 who smokes and has active periodontal disease has a 50% greater chance of suffering a heart attack. Through proper assessment of medical history and necessary active therapy, the ever-silent periodontal disease can be kept under control. Not only can preventive care increase esthetics it has been proven to be therapeutic.