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Diss Ease = Disease

Have you wondered why everyone is moving so fast? You’ve probably asked yourself where’s the fire? It’s not your imagination. We are trying to accomplish more in a day then our parents or our grandparents did. And to top it all off, we never unplug entirely. We are continuously connected to social media, the computer, the office. When do we unplug? Do we unplug?

If you think that’s not you, go visit your Dentist. A visual exam may prompt the necessity for an x-ray or two. Ask about preventative treatments, staying in front of dental pain with simple solutions like an oral appliance.

Our stress is showing on our teeth. Severe wear into the enamel, fracturing teeth requiring a crown, root canal therapy, or in some severe cases, dental treatment may consist of an extraction and implant to restore the fractured tooth. We are creating disease through our own diss-ease. If we can create the disease, we can also prevent it!

Meanwhile, embrace the opportunity to practice stillness. Read a book, go for a walk without your phone or music, practice meditation or yoga. By creating more balance in your life, chances are you’ll create more balance in your health, and perhaps more balance in your nervous system. You might just ask yourself “What fire?”