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Bend Oregon’s Family and Cosmetic Dentistry Experts

Dr. Matt Engel is an expert in general dentistry, cosmetic dental restoration, periodontal disease and pediatric dental healthcare. In fact, he’s been the local’s choice for over 20 years. Just ask your neighbor!


Dental health is the foundation to a long life of excellent health and it’s critical to have regular dental check ups, cleanings, exams for gum health. In addition, people feel more confident when their smile is radiant, fresh, clean and teeth are aligned. We can help with all of that.


At StudioNine30, Dr. Engel and his team provide dental care that’s tailored to compliment the individual needs of each patient and their lifestyle. The dental team focuses on patient comfort and satisfaction, good communication and building life-long relationships.




Your health and happiness with your beautiful smile is our reward.



Dr. Matt & the StudioNINE30 Team

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Studio Nine 30 offers a wide variety of dental services.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Improving the health and beauty of your smile is our priority. Our main concern is always the health and function of your mouth in general. However, you will find that we offer a wide array of cosmetic services in addition to providing general dentistry.

TMJ Therapy and Migrane Management

Often the causes of TMJ and migraine headaches can be traced to a problem within your mouth. These can range from bite irregularities to the grinding of teeth. We have also found that the majority of migraine cases occur in women. Dr. Matt is specially trained in diagnosing and treating the symptoms of these common ailments.

Sleep Apnea Guards

The TAP 3 is a mandibular advancement device for the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea. It is a custom-made, two-piece appliance that snaps firmly and comfortably over the upper and lower teeth, much like a sports mouthguard or retainer. Its basic function is to hold the jaw forward so the tongue and soft tissues of the throat do not collapse into the throat causing snoring and sleep apnea.

Pediatric Dentistry

Surprise! Studio NINE 30 provides pediatric dentistry. The whole family can see just one dentist. Children absolutely love our state-of-the-art office.

Matthew B Engel, DMD

"Our name implies the artisan craftsmanship which is needed to blend all of the technical & artistic elements together into a healthy beautiful smile." - Dr. Matt

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I’ve never written a review or testimonial before.  However, I’m inspired to do so now. If your like me, new…

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  • I’ve never written a review or testimonial before. However, I’m inspired to do so now. If your like me, new to an area, and looking for a new doctor or dentist and loving your previous health care providers, it can be a daunting process. Especially if you have a complicated medical history.. For me, not only did I find the perfect physician, I’ve found my dream team dental office. I’m the kind of person that notices and observes what’s around me. It’s an automatic response . So, when I arrived for my first visit to Dr. Matt Engel's office, I felt a sense of comfort. I was greeted by Linda, the front desk person, with the most welcoming smile and disposition. I liked her right away. She represents the feel of the whole staff. As for Dr. Engel, he's not only knowledgeable and extremely skillful but as kind as the talented staff he has hired! And there’s one more thing. The office is pleasantly decorated and centered in a place of serene beauty. Lots of birds and trees. I get your not looking for serene beauty but it doesn’t hurt. If fact it helps! Recently my husband lost a crown and went for the first time to Dr. Matt (another name Dr. Engel is known by). He went in the morning and left a couple hours later happy with a new, perfectly fitting crown. If your looking for a dentist you can’t go wrong, in my opinion, choosing Dr. Matt Engel! He certainly has done a great job for me! A pleased patient, Jane B.

  • The work that Dr. Matt did to change one crown on the right side of my mouth has totally eliminated the jaw pain I was having for years ! Wonderful !

  • Dr. Matt has a beautiful view outside his windows, its very peaceful. I also love the artwork he's displayed in the office.

  • Dr. Matt really helped me. I had developed anemia from inflammation surrounding a tooth that needed to be extracted. Once the tooth was extracted and an implant was finished my anemia went away. I couldn't be happier.

  • “It’s so beautiful to just sit here and watch the scenery!”

  • “Very relaxing in a unique setting.”

  • “I can always count on Dr. Matt to have the newest and best technology.”

  • StudioNINE30 was awesome from day one. They addressed all my concerns and got me started right away on Invisalign. I had so many trays to go through and I knew my case was extreme. In the end I couldn’t be happier. Because of Dr Matt and his staff (and Invisalign!) I smile all the time. I have more confidence now than ever before. This was the best purchase I have ever made in my life. Thank you so much for everything, you guys are miracle workers.

  • “Dr. Engel and his staff are truly amazing! When it became clear that I need to have four front teeth veneered, I wanted to make sure I chose the perfect dentist for the job. Studio Nine30 came highly recommended to me on four separate occasions, by acquaintances and friends. The level of service I received during my consultation proved the recommendations were correct, so I scheduled my procedure. Once my veneers were cemented in place and I was able to see the final result, I was all smiles! I have never seen my teeth look so symmetrical and beautiful. Thank you Dr. Engel!”

  • I first visited Dr. Matt Engel after months of pain in both TMJs and severe changes in my bite that prevented me from contacting any of my teeth except the four back molars. I already had a diagnosis of severely deteriorated TMJ discs and an oral surgeon's terrifying recommendation for open-joint surgery when Dr. Engel suggested bite equilibrium, a much less invasive treatment plan. My treatment began with modeling of by jaw and bite so I could see my problems and what I could expect in the end, which was as much contact on as many teeth as possible. Over several months he made, replaced and adjusted crowns giving me time to confidently evaluate how my bite was changing after each step. Even before the last appointment my jaw felt stable and my pain was gone. I knew I had made the right decision and that I had picked a dentist who is highly skilled in bite equilibrium and who truly cares about his patients. I would highly recommend Dr. Engel and all of his staff.

  • Good afternoon from the Midwest; I just wanted to say how great you guys are/were, as the dentists here in the Midwest, at least the ones we have visited so far, leave a lot to be desired when comparing them with your team. From just general cleaning to the over-all atmosphere and environment, you guys are the best. All too often all we hear is the negative so I thought I would take a quick mom...ent since I just returned from a quick trip from our local dentist to say thank you and to let your team know how you fare against others. Again, no comparison as you are simply the best. Guess you have spoiled me and set the bar pretty high for others to attempt to reach. Thanks again and if I could afford it, I would fly back to Bend every 4 months just to have you as my dentist.

  • I have been a patient with Dr. Matt Engel and StudioNine30 for over a decade. Both my daughter and I have had extensive dental care and cosmetic procedures done with Dr. Matt. Over my almost 60 years of age, Dr. Matt and his team are the best dental team I have come across. He has treated my wife, son and other daughter in addition to my father who flew from California specifically to be treated by him for a rather involved procedure. The care has always been of the highest quality with attention to detail from the staff at the front desk to the hygienist and Dr. Matt himself. They are helpful with payment options and offer discount for cash payment at the time of the procedures. This is from top to bottom truly a first class operation for almost any dental experience. I would never trust my children with another dentist.

  • I just wanted to thank you and Dr. Matt for the "trigeminal neuralgia" thought. I took her to her primary physician, and she thought instead it was temporal arteritis, and prescribed prednisone. Her first dose was yesterday, and mom's report this morning that there was no pain last night, and her best night in a long time. Untreated the arteritis could have caused blindness in her good eye. So I am very thankful for both of your input which resulted in getting her to her physician. Again, thanks