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Family Dentistry

kid smiling


We all know great habits start early in life. Start your kids off right with proper – and preventative – oral health. Why not bring them to the office they are already familiar with – the family dentist. Dr. Matt Engel and his staff make sure your child’s visit is positive and fun. By bringing them in early and regularly, you’re setting up for a lifetime of happy, healthy appointments.

When you come visit Dr. Matt’s office, be sure to look out the tall windows. Often we see deer, birds and butterflies visiting.


Enjoy Nature During Your Visit!


At StudioNINE30, we'll work with you and explore financial options to assist with your prescribed dental treatment plan, and we'll help you with insurance and other financial arrangements.

We will always do our best to schedule your treatment in a way that will optimize your insurance benefits and work within your budget.

I’ve never written a review or testimonial before. However, I’m inspired to do so now. If your like me, new to an area, and looking for a new doctor or dentist and loving your previous health care providers, it can be a daunting process. Especially if you have a complicated medical history.. For me, not only did I find the perfect physician, I’ve found my dream team dental office. I’m the kind of person that notices and observes what’s around me. It’s an automatic response . So, when I arrived for my first visit to Dr. Matt Engel's office, I felt a sense of comfort. I was greeted by Linda, the front desk person, with the most welcoming smile and disposition. I liked her right away. She represents the feel of the whole staff. As for Dr. Engel, he's not only knowledgeable and extremely skillful but as kind as the talented staff he has hired! And there’s one more thing. The office is pleasantly decorated and centered in a place of serene beauty. Lots of birds and trees. I get your not looking for serene beauty but it doesn’t hurt. If fact it helps! Recently my husband lost a crown and went for the first time to Dr. Matt (another name Dr. Engel is known by). He went in the morning and left a couple hours later happy with a new, perfectly fitting crown. If your looking for a dentist you can’t go wrong, in my opinion, choosing Dr. Matt Engel! He certainly has done a great job for me! A pleased patient, Jane B.

Jane B.

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