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Comprehensive and Diagnostic Exams


We believe in the big picture. Our goal is to evaluate your entire oral health and function, not isolated parts but the system as a whole. We evaluate your functioning bite (occlusion), periodontal health, muscle balance, airway and sinuses, smile symmetry and night time breathing habits. Using advanced technology such as CBCT scans, we can see things that we were never able to find a few years ago. Truly amazing. 3D printing allows us to print models and trial mock-ups of your mouth. Our goal is to create a pathway towards long term healthy outcomes.

Dental Hygiene


We believe this is the cornerstone of preventative dental care. We strive to help you maintain your oral health better than you thought possible with modern therapies and a gentle touch. We are fortunate today to have some of the best tools available for home self care. Our team will be able to demonstrate and instruct you to get the very most out of the technologies and stretch your healthy horizons to the foreseeable future.

Restorative and Implant Dentistry

Helping patients with tooth loss, poor bites, TMJ pain and smiles they are embarrassed to show is something we excel at.  We have spent the last 30 years applying our service and craft to rebuild our patients to give them healthier and more esthetic outcomes.  It takes 2 things to get this plan into action:  a comprehensive scope of the patients' needs and issues and an eye for the finite details. 

Veneers and Smile Makeover


Here's where the fun begins! Getting that smile you've admired on others can be yours too. Everyone is unique and keeping that is key, but there are things that we universally like when we see it. Before we alter anything we spent time building a plan for each patient based off their individual needs and wants. Giving you a beautiful and healthy smile that will last for years is our primary goal. A great plan helps us make sure we fulfill your expectations.

Teeth Whitening


We have a variety of treatment options for discolored teeth. Teeth can change color over time from extrinsic factors, i.e. coffee, tea and wine and intrinsic factors i.e. teeth that have died or tetracycline staining and lastly when the enamel gets too thin and worn. Give us a call and we can help figure out what will work best for you.

Emergency Dentistry


Emergencies happen! Yes , prevention is the key to reducing unwanted emergency visits but sometimes they can't be avoided. We can help, tooth pain issues, accidents (face plants), swelling and infections are all things we can help diagnosis and treat with a variety of remedies, sometimes same day even!

Our Dentists


Matthew B Engel, DMD

Doctor Engel

"Our name implies the artisan craftsmanship which is needed to blend all of the technical & artistic elements together into a healthy beautiful smile."

- Dr. Matt

Success Stories

Patient Testimonials

Alisa G.

"The work that Dr. Matt did to change one crown on the right side of my mouth has totally eliminated the jaw pain I was having for years !  Wonderful ! "

Enjoy Nature During Your Visit!

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